About Me: 

 I spent my time as a young child in nature studying insects, plants and animals, and collecting fossils and rocks. As I collected mineral specimens, it ultimately led me to study gemstones and teach gemmology to the gem trade and have a gemstone business.

You can see the universe inside a gemstone with a microscope.  A diamond's microscopic inclusions can tell you how it was formed within the earth millions of years ago. A ruby's crystal structure and chemical composition with the rarest of all minerals, Chromium will make it red but in an emerald make it green.  Buying aquamarine in Brazil, sapphires in Montana, pearls in Japan or carved gems in Italy combined with a love for travel are adventures I will never forget! However, after years of looking at the ground for minerals, a visit to the Daintree Rainforest in Australia in 2011 had me looking up at the birds.

Rediscovering my love of animals and plants, I fell in love with photography again too. My first job as a teenager was in a photography studio where I learned to develop film. When I graduated from university, I bought my first camera, a Canon AE-1 and took photography night courses.

 Today I feel like I am back to where I started exploring nature, studying animal behaviour and capturing it with my camera. Like gemstones, my photography has led me to many places in the world from Borneo to Africa and Alaska. Most importantly it has shown me how interdependent we are with the planet's environment and its living things. When I'm home you can find me where the owls are. 

My work has been recognized in National Geographic Top 25 Owl photographs,  Canadian Geographic, BBC Earth, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine among others and published locally in the Surrey BC Travel Guide, Experience Delta Magazine, and The Daily Hive.  

I hope my photography inspires and encourages you to participate in protecting the natural world for future generations.  Thank you for looking.


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