“It was one of those happy days that God grants us sometimes on earth to give us an idea of the bliss of heaven.” 

 Johann David WyssThe Swiss Family Robinson

I am firm believer, having experienced it many times, that when you have a wish that is put out into the universe, that wish can manifest. When my older daughter was considering travelling to Australia after graduation, I saw a picture of the Whitsunday Islands and said she must go there and I wished I could too. She did so, and when the rest of my family had the opportunity to visit her in Australia, I went too.  We drove nine hours from our stay with her to a 2 bedroom apartment I had rented online in Airlie Beach. It was a $200 per night (2011) family package for 3 nights and a day of ocean rafting for 4. When we arrived we were stunned at the luxury and view of the apartment from the patio. We totally lucked out – you never know when you book something online! 

We also had a visitor right away. I must admit my fascination with bird photography started in Australia!

If you are thinking of going consider Airlie Summit Apartments:

The next day we headed out on our Ocean Rafting adventure which was the most perfect day I have experienced. The jetty operators said the water and weather conditions were the best days he had seen.

 Aside from the stunning scenery on the way to Whitehaven Beach we saw whales, dolphins, stingrays and snorkeled with turtles.

For lunch we stopped at Whitehaven Beach – truly the most beautiful beach in the world. Then, as if it couldn’t be more perfect the boat operator said his friend was on a break from his helicopter tour and asked if anyone wanted to go up.

My husband and I jumped at the chance and it was amazing!

 Our daughters were happy relaxing on the white sand.

I will always think of this day as a piece of bliss of heaven. One of my most perfect days shared with the people I love.

Prior to visiting Airlie Beah, we stayed at Port Douglas where my daughter worked for 18 months. It is the perfect little tourist town in north Queensland near the ancient Daintree Rainforest. 

 Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

This provided many activities nearby. Port Douglas also had access to the Great Barrier Reef from it's marina. It is said that sadly, it is once place to visit before it disappears. Since we visited in 2011 much of it has been lost due to bleaching from climate change. My two daughters.

 Port Douglas is a small town and a bicycle is the best way to get around. Every morning I found myself awake before dawn, so I would get on my bicycle and ride Four Mile Beach. It's something everyone should do if you are ever there. I put my camera in the basket and tried to capture the awesomeness of it all. These were early digital photography days for me in 2011.  Adventurous as we were, Port Douglas wasn't complete without renting a boat upriver to see crocodiles and fish. We abandoned the fishing idea after seeing the size of the crocodiles and signs that warned us to return before low tide or face death.

 Other highlights are the Skybury Coffee Plantation Cafe 

Well worth the drive inland. I had the most memorable mango coconut cake with my coffee and watched kangaroos and cockatoos!

Kuranda is a must in the Rainforest as well! 

Port Douglas is north of Cairns and the drive north is spectacular! 

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