Costa Rica

Wildlife, Rainforest, Beaches and More

The second most environmentally sustainable country in the world, Costa Rica, is also the happiest and the greenest, judged by the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index. It uses 99% renewable energy sources with goals to become totally carbon neutral by 2020 using clean energy. Aside from this, I greatly admire how they merge egotourism with their economy.  With 5% of the world's biodiversity, it one of the world's most biodiverse countries and 25% of it's land is protected. Much of the protected land is with support from ecotourism.

An example of the work between ecotourism, the economy and farmers is the Paraiso Quetzal Lodge in the mountain region of Central Costa Rica. 
The lodge owners work with a number of farmers in the area, so that they plant and maintain the avocodo tree habitat of the endangered Resplendent Quetzal. Dollars from the tourists coming to see the Resplendent Quetzals are shared with the farmers and they now have 600 mating pairs of these magnificent birds. 
There are many lodges that work this way to sustain the habitat, promote the economy and protect wildlife.
I have stayed at a number of eco lodges in a few areas of Costa Rica. Here are a few that are awesome places to see birds and wildlife:
If you are looking for a photography tour, I have someone I can highly recommend. Please don't hesitate to contact me for this information if you are interested.
Aside from photography, there are the glorious beaches, surfing, adventures and more. I plan on going again and again! If you have any questions about visiting Costa Rica, please email me. 

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